Eating dairy-free and fresh in college

Since vegetarianism, veganism, and eating organic food are more popular than ever and very much so in the younger crowds colleges are changing up their dining halls. At my college they’ve announced a move to using more and fresh, local ingredients and I decided to judge how they have done. Its obvious when there has been canned food used like the pies with perfectly rounded fruit and a thick corn syrup filling and corn that has that taste that reminds you of the tin can it came from. However if you look at the diversity its pretty good, of course there are many dishes with milk or cheese but there is always a salad bar, you can ask them not to make you burger or sandwich with cheese, and a lot of the vegetarian dishes just so happen to be vegan so that helps (as long as you can go one meal with out meat). Every time I get a burrito I just ask to have it without cheese and there have been multiple occasions where the only chooses I could choose where the pizza and preprepared sandwiches. If you want cereal in the morning you can even have it with the soy milk they keep next to the other drinks. I’m not going to say that the dining halls and serving homemade quality food, they’ve got a lot of mouths to feed and a budget, but I can say they do seem to have made a change in the right direction, one leading to giving all diets a chance, and that is a good start.


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