You Butter Not- I am not diary good at this

Hello readers, this is my blog. There will be food, lots of food. However, there will be no dairy, hence the pun.

Wether you rule out dairy because of medical reasons or by choice I hope you will find refuge in this blog when you want actually want pizza, because even with out cheese pizza is awesome. Now that has been addressed I should also mention that I like healthy food. That means there will be many fruits and vegetables in my recipes and nothing will require you to use preprepared food, i.e. no canned shit.

I like rustic, home cooked food so there will be using quite a bit of cast iron skillets and fresh foods. There will be a lot of recipes that require a stove, hello cast irons and pans, but I also like baking, thats were the tarts and the roasted veggies will come in, so there will also be a need for an oven. I’m not sticking to just american food though, so you will see something like Spanish and Italian influence in my cooking.

I’m not the best cook, I still mix up teaspoons and tablespoons all the time, so nothing here will require you to have more than a few years of cooking under your belt. Just a basic understanding of how precise and accurate you have to be will get you through. You should feel free to be able to experiment so even if I don’t say it go ahead and  substitute peaches for pears or wheat for almond flour if you wish. Making food should be fun so if your stressing out over cooking (happens often to me) take a break and just remember it doesn’t have to look perfect to taste perfect.


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